ohnomyfangirlisshowing said:
(For the anon that asked) The gratata image is her hand all covered in this red stuff that looks like blood, haha

thanks dahlia hahah idek what’s going on

Apr 24
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hello Jess I see you

Handwritten ships


Mbf me (bc i have goals too man)
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Send me a question or ship me or a 🐯whatever
If you want to you can reblog/like my edits or selfies i dunno just putting this out there

You will get:


No notes and this post never happened

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ashton needs new shirts

wear proper clothing or don’t wear it at all

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please be hinting at a video

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Anonymous said:
what was that gratata image?? i dont get it sorry im confused thx oxox

i don’t know either, i’m sorry :(

Apr 24 1
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5sos at NRJ Radio

5 Seconds Of Summer performs at the Best Buy Theater on April 22, 2014 in New York City


@Ashton5SOS: What a beautiful city thanks for having us N E W Y O R K xx